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Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida, Arranged marriages are traditional in Indian society and continue to account for an overwhelming majority of marriages in the Indian subcontinent.Despite the fact that romantic love is “fulsomely celebrated” in both Indian mass media (such as Bollywood) and folklore, and the arranged marriage tradition lacks any official legal recognition or support, the institution has proved to be “surprisingly robust” in adapting to changed social circumstances and has defied predictions of decline as India modernized.Arranged marriages are believed to have initially risen to prominence in the Indian subcontinent when the historical Vedic religion gradually gave way to classical Hinduism (the ca. 500 BCE period), Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida,substantially displacing other alternatives that were once more prominent.In the urban culture of modern India, the differentiation between arranged and love marriages is increasingly seen as a “false dichotomy” with the emergence of phenomena such as “self-arranged marriages” and free-choice on the part of the prospective spouses.Arya Samaj Marriage in Noida

Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida Arranged marriage system in India is bad in one sense but good in another sense. It is bad when marriage is arranged with such a hatred and prejudice over other religions, castes and races; it is bad when parents over-protect and control their children to the extent of denying every wish, and even every right of their children in choosing their partners. Arranged marriages are wonderful when parents and children love each other sincerely, and total freedom is given to children for final consent to marriage; and, when arrangements are made for the would-be-spouses to meet and to know each other.

Arya Samaj Mandir in Noida Arranged marriages may raise the rate of marriage, too. Women may have some restrictions when choosing their husbands in traditional culture due to personal and social preconceptions of marriage. It is widely recognized that women should choose those men who are older and more intelligent than themselves as husbands, while men are encouraged to choose women who are younger and less intelligent than themselves as wives. However, the number of intelligent people is definitely less than the number of unintelligent people; thus, intelligent women may have less of a chance to find themselves husbands in romantic love than either less intelligent women or men.As a result of the increasing number of highly educated women, more and more women find themselves unable to find husbands.