Question: We are living outside Delhi in a different state in different city, will it be possible for us to get married at your Arya Samaj Mandir, Delhi Ncr Delhi? And will the marriage be valid legally?
Our law provides for this privilege that if you live in any part of the country in any village or city, you may get your marriage solemnized in any place according to your convenience. Similarly, if you come to our Arya Samaj Mandir, Delhi Ncr, Delhi, and get your marriage solemnized here, then the marriage will be fully valid. This marriage cannot be challenged in the court of law. You will be surprised to know that in our Mandir most of the marriages are solemnized of the couples who live outside Delhi, because in many places, outside Delhi, there is lack of necessary facilities.

Question: Why every mandir does not perform marriages?
If any Mandir performs “Arranged Marriage” then they fear of losing its reputation and peace because many people will drink wine and eat non vegetarian food and become indecent. This will result in fighting and rampage etc. And if they perform “Love Marriages”, they are under fear of being attached and killed by the parents and families of boy or girl. The government does not provide us with any security cover for such fears. Such marriages are always carrying high risks. Suppose a girls get married contrary to her parents wish, her family members becomes wild and their anger fully aroused and they always misbehave with the members of Mandir and try to harm us. Moreover, we are hearing the news of ‘Honor Killings’ every day. Therefore, Temples outside Delhi, do not take any interest in such marriages at their Arya Samaj Mandir because of fear, riots and fighting etc.


Question: Please tell us some good Omen.
Or Arya Samaj Mandir can perform marriages without omen?
Or Please clarify little bit the issue of Good or Bad omen.
Or looks like god is sleeping these days, in such situation can you perform our marriage?
All the principles of Arya Samaj are based on reasoning and not on superstition. When we test this reason we find it to be a big superstition. Therefore Arya Samaj never seeks any good or bad omen in performing marriages. Therefore whichever day suits you is the perfect day for your marriage. When God has made all days equal then we, human beings cannot determine which day is better than the other.

In this world the human race has suffered much exploitation against itself because of traditions. The people have sought reasoning behind every wrong tradition and we are blindly following them. Our religious leaders are already indulged into superstition, however, they try to silence people by saying that this has been written in the scriptures or this is the tradition handed down to us by our ancestors. Now, every person cannot read these scriptures and know whether it is written in the scriptures or not. We often forget that these scriptures were written by men and not by God himself and moreover, different learned people have interpreted those scriptures according to their conveniences. The scriptures and any traditions are for the people and not the people for the scriptures. Any traditions that have no reasons to follow or any traditions that cause people in big trouble must be avoided and discontinued immediately. When all the days are created by God, then how can a certain day become good or bad? An engineer was asking me about the Good Omen, I asked him you are well qualified and still you believe in omen. He said, “it was a secret science,” which is beyond our understanding. Then I said to him, “While it can be understood by a simple and semi literate person, how can you not?” Then I gave him some examples and tried to persuade him, finally he accepted what I was saying to him. Lastly he smiled and said to me, “It was a matter of regret that I am a qualified person and yet I have believed in superstition like omen.” Actually, all these myths are the result of some selfish and crooked priests who tried to get their livelihood.

In the ancient times there were no means like that of what we do have today. The roads were uneven. There were no concrete houses, no good cloths, transportations, electricity etc. Therefore, in those days, good omen only meant that they should not marry in unfavorable seasons but only marry in favorable seasons to avoid many difficulties such as marrying during the heavy rains, bitter cold and extreme hot weather was totally unadvisable, just because they did not have equipment and facilities to tackle those circumstances as we do have today. Likewise, during the harvest time the marriage were avoided because most of the people were engaged in the harvesting because they were dependent on the farming.

However, after the interval of time priests tried to show that they had met with God and then they started telling people the exact date, with time and even minute of performing the marriages. There was no watch before 150 years. In ancient scriptures we find only 8 hours, it means that they had divided 24hours into 8 hours which they called Prahar (hour). Now the question is how these priests, who predict good omen, can calculate the date, time and even seconds in the present time system? This is only a shallow thought and myths. It looks like funny about the myths that in Orissa marriages are mostly performed during May and June while here in North India marriages are performed during the whole year.

In the Ramayana we read that King Janak called all reputed and imminent people like saints and munis, learned people to the wedding of his daughter Sita. And he got searched a good omen for her wedding day. However, everyone knows how the married life of Sita was unsuccessful. No father would like to see his daughter’s marriage life and today. When we see the situation around us we see that all Hindus get good omen for marriages but how many marriages are successful even after claiming the nice omen. The other religions which do not believe in omen, do think that they do not have successful married life? We, Hindus must learn from Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists’, and should not carry on undeserved burden of traditions on us.

We, Hindus say that these days god is sleeping and therefore our marriage cannot take place. It is a matter of surprise that we apply our minds even to the smallest things, but while considering the matters of religion, he just goes by traditions and blindly follows the traditions. We can ask them, “If God is sleeping, how the world is still operating? Or do we have special Gods for weddings? We, Hindus, have created our own imaginary gods which have no existence, and we lifelong worship these gods as per the instructions of Pandits. And if we agree that the gods are sleeping, then why do we continuing to taking up other works. Why marriages, , other works should also be stopped.

It is a matter of regret that even today in the scientific era we, educated people are working in the hands of Pandits like kith and kin. Sometimes these Pandits give such a omen when the people have to suffer a lot. On that particular day there are thousands of marriages are taking place and there is scarcity of Tents, Band, Confectioners, Pandits, Horse and D.J. System, and if it all available it is very costly. One person is invited in ten marriages and he can only go to only one marriage party. However, if he cannot go to some of his very close relatives’ marriage falling on the same day, his relationship is broken forever. If you consider yourself an educated person, you must consider the omen given by Pandits, apply your own mind and do not flow in the superstitions. You must give a careful thought to this idea and you will find the appropriate answer. Now is the time for us to come up out of superstition and traditions.

In the present era, good omen means that the weather should be favorable and pleasant. Do not go to Pandits for your marriage omen and select the day according to your convenience and leave everything in the hands of God. As of today no one could understand the works of God, then how can Pandit know.