Love marriage

A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. Love is a dream and marriage is just an extension of this dream to reality. When both dream and reality comes together, it is the best thing that can happen to a person. Love is the subtle emotional wave within us, which is perennial in this world of death and passing away. The feeling of love is inexplicable – we start feeling good about things, which we earlier overlooked. The company of the person we love can make the most mundane chores seem like an exciting job. So, love can be best defined, as a feeling of bliss and ecstasy.

Marriage has always been a propitious institution in India but people have always condemned love marriages. Though it sounds quite absurd in the land which is known for its popular love stories, the truth remains harsh. In the earlier times, marriages were conducted solely according to the whims and fancies of the parents. Girls did not enjoy any freedom and were forced to marry the one, her parents chose for her.

With time, Indian society has undergone tremendous change. The social fabric of the society has become more flexible and girls are treated equal to boys. As a result, interaction between the opposite sexes increased considerably. Following this, the age old chained feelings were let loose and more and more couples were swept away by the tide of love. This has contributed to the increased percentage of love marriages in the country.

Nevertheless, one should never forget that love is one of the greatest human emotions and if two people wish to spend their lives together, out of love for each other, there can be nothing prosperous than that. ove marriages are carried out with the same vigor and joy. For convenience, it should be known that the only difference in a love marriage is that both the girl and the boy know each other and are deemed to be in love as well. The love-marriage in India goes beyond the age-old love stories portrayed in the black-and-white Bollywood movies. Some of the earliest scriptures (Rig Veda), books (KamaSutra) and stories prove the fact that the love-marriage has never been a foreign concept for India.

However, these love flings are have been discouraged in the Indian society due to many reasons:

* Very protective style of parenting- especially for girls,
* Social stigma against pre-marital relations
* Love affair are always looked down by the elders.
* Cast restrictions and wedding rules don’t go well with love marriages

Love is a wonderful feeling and the couples always wish to experience the marriage, which calls for understanding and daily effort. We constantly need to nurture our feelings. It requires mutual respect for each other and time and attention as any other aspect of life. Love marriage can be the best thing if there is endeavor and commitment from the either side.

Indian love marriages have both pros and cons. This kind of marriages gives us enough time to know the person and then decide about the idea to spend the entire life. The couples can understand each other in a better way. However, if the couples start behaving in a way that is unacceptable for each other, it becomes difficult for them to adjust to this. And later on after marriage when they behave the way they are it becomes difficult for us to accept. But if the love is true, then love marriages nurture love with every passing day. So if one wants to make the love marriage a successful one, then the marriage should be given some more time and commitment and then one can see it blooming.

Another drawback of love marriage is inability to adjust with the family members. Mostly, love marriage involve coming together of two culturally and socially different families. As such, there are bound to be adjustment issues. However, you should realize that every relation has certain demands and certain needs to be met if it is to thrive and endure. So if you want to make your love marriage a success, then it would be best to give your nuptial some more time and commitment. Once this is done, rest assured, you will see your marriage blooming!!