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Arya Samaj Court Marriage Deoband

Arya Samaj Court Marriage Deoband the solemnization of marriage procedure in courts takes place without any bar to their caste, religion, or creed. Court marriage procedure in India takes six easy and simple steps. Court marriage is in accordance with the provisions of the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

The Act provides for:

  • The court marriage age
  • The prerequisite condition of court marriage
  • Documents required for a court marriage
  • Court marriage fees and the entire court marriage process

The Special Marriage Act, 1954 provides for the rules and documents required under the process of court marriage.

What is the Procedure of Court Marriage ind Deoband?

The procedure for court marriage in India can be broadly divided into six steps.

Step 1: Notice of Intended Marriage

The first step of court marriage is acquiring notice of the intended marriage. The said notice has to be in accordance with the provisions of Section 5 of the Special Marriage Act. You have to send a written notice mandatorily to the marriage registrar showing the intention of the parties to marry each other. One needs to send the notice to the office of marriage registrar, in whose district either of the party resides for a minimum of 30 days before sending the notice.




  • 5-5 Passport Size photos of Husband & Wife Each.
  • Aadhar Card and /or Voter Card of Huband and Wife.
  • Address Proof of Bride and Groom ( Any One ) – Voter Card / Driving License / Passport / Bank Passbook with photograph.
  • Marriage Invitation Card or Marriage Document of Gurudwara /Temple.
  • Age Proof of Husband and Wife ( Any one ) – Birth Proof / 10th Pass Document / Driving License / Passport.
  • 2 Witnesses with Pan Card and Address Proof.
  • Divorce Decree in case of any or both Bride and Groom are Divorcee.
  • Death Proof / Document of Previous spouse in case of widow or Widower.
  • Marriage photograph two of husband and wife.