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The institute is based on principles of truth and existence of God. Arya Samaj Mandirs have been established in many parts of the county and is trying to expand its presence across the country so that it becomes easier for couples to get married at a well-known institute in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Arya Mandir in Mangol Puri has solemnized many marriages and is constantly helping couples in getting married in a simple manner.

An Act to recognise and remove doubts as to the validity of inter-marriage current among Arya Samajists.Whereas it is expedient to recognise and place beyond doubt the validity of inter-marriages of a class of Hindus know as Arya Samajists; it is hereby enacted as follows:Substituted by the Adaptation of lows Order, 1956 for the words part State these part B states were Hyderabad J&K Mysore pepsu, Rajastha, Saurashtra and T.C.Marriage between Arya Samajists not to be invalid.Marriage between Arya Samajists 1 not to be invalid.

Marriage procedure is very simple and sweet but you must have to fill all the formalities as well as book the mandir in advance.You have to register in that office, and submit along with other necessary requisites of the office.After the successful registration or submission they will give a date for your marriage in prior .Go to the mandir at desired date,there must be some in charge of all these things.
After solemnization of marriage they will give you a marriage certificate which makes you legal husband and wife.

The process requires certain documents and requirements for bride and groom for a marriage:

  • Document stating date of birth of parties
  • Separate affidavits
  • Two witnesses from either side and their valid Identity proofs
  • Photographs

Arya Samaj Mandir In Mangol Puri.