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Arya Samaj Mandir In Palwal

Arya Samaj Mandir In Palwal,

The brother of the bride places her foot on a stone, while the groom recites mantras. The significance of this ceremony is to convey the brother’s blessings to the couple, especially the bride. He expresses the wish that their marriage be as firm and steady as the rock on which he has placed his sister’s foot. By touching her foot, he conveys that the bride is now responsible for upholding the honour of her family. He offers his sister puffed rice to assure her that, after her wedding, she would always have plenty to take back following every visit to her parents’ home. Another significance of giving her the rice husk is to tell her that she has been brought up by her parents and like the rice husk must now be replanted in another home in order to blossom and mature.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Palwal

The couple go around the sacred fire four times during this ceremony. The bride prays for the health of her husband and for a healthy, happy marital relationship with him. The groom makes a promise towards the end of the ceremony. He promises to be reverential and respectful towards all women.
The ends of bride’s saree and the groom’s shawl are tied together. The saptapadi-kriya or seven steps taken by the couple signify their seven needs: nourishment, strength, wealth obtained through honest means, good health, progeny, good luck and a loving relationship. At the end of this ceremony, the older members of the family sprinkle water on the couple. This is their way of advising them to be calm and good-tempered at all times.
The couple worship another element of nature – the sun – during this ceremony
Hriday Sparsh:
The couple touch each other’s hearts and promise to be tender-hearted and gentle with each other.
Sindoor Daan:
The groom fills the parting on the bride’s head with sindoor or vermilion. He does this thrice. This ritual done, all present must bless the newly weds.
Dhruv Darshan:
The newly-weds view the Dhruv or the Pole Star. The Pole Star is important as it symbolizes constancy – a virtue that’s important in every marriage. They also view two stars of the Great Bear constellation – Arundhati and Vasisth. These stars, never viewed separately, symbolize togetherness.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Palwal.