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Arya Samaj Mandir In Panipat

Arya Samaj Mandir In Panipat,

Arya Samaj marriages are made stress-free, simple and convenient for couples as Arya Samaj believes in uniting of two people who wish to spend their lives together in the simplest manner.

The marriage is solemnized for couples who come for arranged, love, inter-caste or inter-religion marriages. This non-discriminatory process at Arya Samaj is a way of adhering to the principles on which the institution was established. It believes in existence of God and truth with the main objective of promoting a free society wherein people have the freedom to take their own decisions.
Now people need not go to farther cities like Delhi for getting their marriage registered. Moreover, the process is very convenient as given below:

  • Arya Samaj Mandir In Panipat

  • The couple needs to bring certain documents before marriage – proof of age, an affidavit and photographs and get two witnesses on the day of marriage
  • Marriage is solemnized within 2-3 hours with a very simple process. Vedas are chanted by Pandits in a simple language for couples
  • The couple is declared as ‘legally married’ and is handed over a universally recognized certificate as a proof of their wedding

Boys should be above 21 years and girls above 18 year)
Affidavit: (Affidavit must be attested by Magistrate/S.D.M. or Notary Public with Register Entry No.)
Age Proof: (Voter I.card, Driving Licence, Matriculation Certificate,) one of these.
Residence Proof:
(Voter I.card, Driving Licence, Matriculation Certificate, Passport) (one of these).
Photograph: (7-7 Passport size photo ) Boys & Girl both.
Two Witness With Voter I.card, Driving Licence, Passport,2 Passport size photo (one of these)
If any party is divorcee Certified copy of Decree of Divorce granted by the Court.
Death Certificate: If any party is widow / widower Death Certificate of the dead spouse.
Other Country :
No Impediment Certificate / NOC from concerned Embassy and Valid VISA. Required for Only Other Country Marriage.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Panipat.