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Arya Samaj Marriage Sikar

In Mandir premises, all Vedic rituals starting from Aasan, Jal and Madhupark se Satkar through Godan, Kanyadaan , Pratigya Mantra, Thread Ceremony, Havan, Vishesh Havana, Pani Grahan Sanskar, Shilarohan, Lajahom, Parikrama, Saptapadi, Suryanamaskar, Hriday Sparshmantra, Sindoor to Mangalsutra and Ashirwaad are performed to make every wedding pious, sacred and sanctimonious.The documents requied for Arya Samaj Marriage are not a big list of documents but documents every body has like Age Proof, Residence Proof, Affidavit, Passport size Photoggraphs of both Bride and Groom.
Apart from said documents, two witnesses are also required. If any party is divorced then divorced paper is must. Documents as a Age Proof – Matriculation Certificate / Passport / Birth Certificate is sufficient .We solemnize marriage as per rules. We conducts all marriage ceremonial rites, chants Vedic Mantras, and explains the meaning of Mantras to wedding couples.

Preparation of File
Marriage Registration
within 48 hr
Nearst point Collection of Papers
Certificate Deliver at your doorstep
No Payment If Not Satisfied
No Payment Charges Will be taken
By Us if Visited more than Twice
Our Repesentative will Guide you in Court

It has largest following in western and Northern part of India. The Arya Samaj opposes worship of images, animal sacrifice, performing rituals on behalf of ancestors, basing caste upon birth rather than upon merit, untouchability, child marriage, pilgrimages, priestly craft, and temple offerings.

Arya Samaj has worked to improve female education and intercaste marriage. It has built missions, orphanages, and homes for widows; has established a network of schools and colleges and has also undertaken famine relief and medical work. From its beginning, Arya Samaj has been an important factor in the growth of Indian nationalism.

Basing its beliefs on the Vedas, Arya Samaj beliefs are as follows

  • It believes in three external existences, god, soul and nature. These three existences are different from each other.
  • God is formless and does not take birth in any form. Therefore, Arya Samaj does not believe in idol worship and incarnation of god.
  • It believes that the four Vedas are not depended on any verbal authority for authenticity as they are self evident. It also believes in Brahmanas relating to the four Vedas, six branches of the Vedas, eleven Upanishads to the extent they are in agreement with the Vedas.