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Marriage Certificate In Sikar


Marriage Certificate In Sikar Most people are more concerned about wedding venues, menus and wardrobes as compared to the legal side and the paperwork involved in getting married to someone. While it is easy to feel lost because you are too busy planning your destination wedding or themed bachelor party, it is always better to remember that registering your marriage and obtaining a valid marriage certificate are also essential aspects of getting married. Here’s a look at how to apply for marriage registration in Sikar and NCR region.


All marriages which were solemnised in

comes under the Delhi (Compulsory Registration of Marriage) Order, 2014 irrespective of caste, creed or religion of the spouses involved. But there are certain prerequisite conditions which have to be met if a marriage is to be registered within NCR. Here’s a look at what makes couples eligible to apply for a marriage certificate or even record their marriage in Delhi.

  1. Either spouse is a Delhi native or has address proof within Sikar
  2. The marriage itself took place in Sikar
  3. As per the Hindu Marriage Act, if a wedding is to be registered, both spouses must be either Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jain.
  4. Neither should have a legal and living spouse while applying for the second marriage.
  5. Both must give valid consent, freely and without any fear, external force or aggression.
  6. Male must be 21 and females should be at least 18 years old.
  7. Spouses must not be from any type of prohibited relationship unless the custom is permitted by law.The online system can also check multiple marriages. So it is very easy to keep track on the people who marry many times. Online marriage registration can stop the people who cheat their spouse by marrying other. This is because one will show all the document online including Aadhar number. Now it is mandatory to register your marriage whether offline or online. You can read more about Marriage Registration here.You can take an appointment by registering your marriage online with us. It is compulsory for married couples also to register the marriage. This is because now Government has made it mandatory for all. After registration, you will be able to take multiple benefits of government services where registration of marriage is compulsory.

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