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Arya Samaj Court Marriage Hosur

Arya Samaj Court Marriage Hosur

What Are The Steps To Be Followed For Court Marriage In hosur?

There are different situations under which the court marriage in hosur can take place. Let us understand the steps of how to apply for court marriage:
What to do if both parties come from the Hindu religion?

  • In case both the parties are Hindu, the couple is required to file a notice of intention of marriage. The notice is required to be filed in the district court under whose jurisdiction the person has lived for 30 days prior to this notice.
  • All the documents are then verified by Marriage Registrar.
  • Once the notice is filed, the notice is then made public by the marriage registrar in order to invite any sort of objections.
  • Further, the marriage then can be stepped forward if the registrar finds no objections put on the publicized notice of court marriage.
  • The marriage is required to take place in a marriage office as per the act.
  • In the presence of a marriage officer, three witnesses are also required to be present during the marriage along with both the parties.

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