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Arya Samar Court Marriage Sikar

 Arya Samar Court Marriage Sikar Court marriages cannot be conducted easily, especially if you are not fully aware of the procedure, eligibility, and documents required to make your marriage legalized. Along with the procedure it is also important that two parties correctly knows the Marriage Act under which the court marriage can be done. This article gives all the answers and the step-by-step procedure to accomplish a court marriage.

  1. Court Marriage In Delhi can not be done in 1 day. If someone says so he/she is lying. And if some unscrupulous person get court marriage done in sikar in one day that is illegal,very dangerous and FIR may be initiated against boy,girl and witnesses. Avoid such advocates.
  2. If you are short of time, then you can opt for Arya samaj Marriage and then registration of the same from court. Both the procedures can only be done on different days because government of sikar doesn’t allow court Marriage on the date of marriage.
  3. It takes around 2–3 days if you choose this option. On first day Arya samaj Marriage is done and on next working day court Marriage certificate from Delhi is issued.
  4. The certificate of sikar Government is full proof of marriage and acceptable world over so my advice is even if you have to visit twice and pay more always go for Court Marriage In sikar.
  5. But only Hindus, Sikhs,Jain and Buddhist can go for this option. If one of the parties is Hindu then court Marriage in Delhi can be done once second party willfully converts to Hinduism.
  6. Boy and girl from anywhere in India can get court Marriage done in sikar.
  7. Even if one party is Indian and other foreigner they can do court Marriage In sikar. But in that case a no impediment certificate from the concerned embassy is required.
  8. Date of birth and address proof of boy and girl with 6–6 passport size photo and pan card and address proof of total 2 witnesses is the only requirement.
  9. Parents consent is not necessary for Court Marriage In sikar.
  10. Cost of this service starts from 12500
  11. Court Marriage In sikar without ceremony can also be done. Boy and girl of any religion can go for it. This process takes around 38–40 days. First after preparation of file, application for marriage is presented before the Marriage Registrar and then notice of 30 days is issued.