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Arya Samaj Court Marriage Kotdwar

Arya Samaj Court Marriage Kotdwar Verification of all the documents is carried out on the date of application and a day is fixed and communicated to the parties for registration. On the said day, both parties, along with witnesses should attend the office of marriage officer. The Certificate of Marriage will be issued on the same day.

Prerequisites for Court Marriage Rules and Regulations

Court marriage rules and regulations provide for the conditions which one needs to fulfil before going ahead with the court marriage process. These court marriage rules are given under Section 4 of the Special Marriage Act as well. The parties have to meet the essential conditions prescribed in the act before mutually entering or signing the Civil Marriage Contract. The conditions are as follows:

  • There should be no pre-existing marriage for either the male or female unless the previous spouse is not living or divorce has been obtained from the previous spouse.
  • The parties must have given free consent for court marriage i.e., none of the parties intending to do court marriage should be incompetent of giving valid consent due to unsound mind or any other factor.
  • The parties must be eligible to marry i.e., they should be of court marriage age. The court marriage age for a boy is 21 years and the court marriage age for a girl is 18 years.
  • Also, neither of the party should be unfit for marriage or procreation of children.
  • The parties to the marriage should not be related to each other under the prohibited degrees of marriage as provided in Schedule I of the Act. Unless it’s valid in the customs or traditions of the religion of any of the two parties.


  • 5-5 Passport Size photos of Husband & Wife Each.
  • Aadhar Card and /or Voter Card of Huband and Wife.
  • Address Proof of Bride and Groom ( Any One ) – Voter Card / Driving License / Passport / Bank Passbook with photograph.
  • Marriage Invitation Card or Marriage Document of Gurudwara /Temple.
  • Age Proof of Husband and Wife ( Any one ) – Birth Proof / 10th Pass Document / Driving License / Passport.
  • 2 Witnesses with Pan Card and Address Proof.
  • Divorce Decree in case of any or both Bride and Groom are Divorcee.
  • Death Proof / Document of Previous spouse in case of widow or Widower.
  • Marriage photograph two of husband and wife.