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Arya Samaj Mandir In Gokalpur , To get married according to Arya Samaj system its required to submit a few genuine documents i.e. birth certificate to verify the original date of birth, affidavits stating date of birth, marital status and nationality (independently by both the parties), two witnesses from each side. A valid marriage certificate is also provided after successful completion of whole marriage ceremony that may be registered in Indian Courts for further social security. Further I am going to describe the major sovereign benefits of Arya Samaj Marriage.
It is advisable for couple marrying to make sure to get the certificate as it is becoming a problem with demand of marriage certificate rising specially for females when they go for bank accounts, dependent visas etc. Although it is not impossible to get it later but there are still hassles which can be easily avoided.
In Arya Samaj Mandir, there is no holiday and weddings are solemnized on all seven days of a week. You can get married even on Sunday or on festivals (festive days). Wedding is accomplished in the day and not in the night. It takes one and a half to two hours in wedding.

Simply call and book your convenient date and time for Arya Samaj Mandir wedding. Please let us know the following information during booking for Arya Samaj Marriage

    • Your Name
    • Your Address
    • Your Contact Number
    • Date and Time of Marriage (When you want to get married)
      • Holiday/Closed: There is no Holiday and close in Arya Samaj Mandir
      • Festival Holiday: you may book for any day including Sunday and/or Festivals days
      • Marriage Date: Every Day from Monday to Sunday
      • Timing: 8AM to 8PM (except mentioned timing, no marriage can perform in any circumstances)
      • Subh Days for Arya Samaj Marriage: As per Arya Samaj Rule, all days are Subh (Good Omen).
      • In case of any change in booked schedule: please inform us.

Arya Samaj Mandir In Gokalpur.