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Arya Samaj Mandir In Ghonda, any person who are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs can perform Arya Samaj Marriage. As a basic principle, the Arya Samaj conducts weddings only for Hindus. But, if a non-Hindu couple would like to have an Arya Samaj wedding, the Samaj allows them to get converted through a process called ‘Shuddhi’. Any person who are not Muslims, Christians, Parsis or Jews can also perform Arya Samaj Marriage. Inter-Caste Marriages and Inter-Religious Marriages can also be performed in a Arya Samaj Marriage provided none of the marrying persons are Muslims, Christians, Parsis or Jews. If any of the marrying persons are Muslims, Christians, Parsis or Jews, and out of their free will and consent are ready to convert and embrace Hindu Religion, the Arya Samaj Mandir perform a ritual called “shuddhi” meaning purification for such conversion, and thereafter, such a convert can perform Arya Samaj Marriage.
The minimum age for getting married is 21yrs for the groom and 18yrs for the bride.The Arya Samaj does not believe in idol worship and the wedding ceremony is performed with the fire and other elements as the witnesses. As per the Hindu religion, the fire is considered the sustainer of life. The specialty of an Arya Samaj wedding is that the mantras are also translated into a language that the couple can understand. This adds to the charm of an Arya Samaj wedding.

Madhupark se Satkaar is a part of the aforesaid ritual. It has the bride offering a mixture of curd, gee and honey to the groom.Curd, ghee and honey, all are considered to be good for one’s health. Besides, these edibles are believed to be auspicious and impart good effects to whatsoever associated with it.
‘Madhuperk’ is a mixture of curds, ‘ghee’ or clarified butter and honey. The groom sprinkles a little bit of this in all directions and then eats it three times.

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